Police are undercounting murder

Haven’t we always suspected that the ANC regime is pulling the wool over our eyes? Why would they not minimise the murder statistics? – DR

The number of bodies from violent deaths in Gauteng mortuaries is higher than the official police murder count.

Even making allowance for unintentional violent deaths and suicides in the mortuary count, the discrepancies in the two sets of statistics indicate that the police are undercounting murder.

The official murder count in the SAPS crime statistics for Gauteng for 2012/13 plus 2013/14 is 6 330.

The count by the Gauteng Forensic Pathology Services’ mortuaries of bodies due to deaths from assault, rape, shootings, stabbings and strangulation for those two years is 7 188. The mortuaries’ count of “stillbirths” for those two years is 1 200.

The mortuary statistics were submitted to the Gauteng legislature recently following a question from DA MPL Jack Bloom. The Gauteng Forensic Pathology Services’ mortuaries take only bodies from unnatural deaths.

Stillbirths in hospitals are not regarded as unnatural deaths, so they don’t go to the Forensic Pathology Services’ mortuaries and aren’t in that count.

Instead, say the Forensic Pathology Services staff, those are the abandoned babies. There are some foetuses and stillbirths among them, but those are also the babies dumped in rubbish bins and in the veld.

Police management deny any undercount. “There can’t be a miscount,” said SAPS national spokesman Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo. “For every murder case there must be a body. There can’t be a miscount on that.”

Source: Police are undercounting murder – Crime & Courts | IOL News

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