Zimbabwe’s crippling power outages set to worsen

I wonder how many times The New York Times will still tell its readers that kicking whites out of the country and looting all farms have turned out to be a “great economic success story” in Zimbabwe? – DR

Harare (AFP) – Energy-starved Zimbabweans were told on Thursday to brace for worsening blackouts due to electricity generation shortfalls, decreased imports and break-downs at the country’s major power stations.

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) said low water levels at the main Kariba hydro-power station, generation constraints at the Hwange thermal station and limited power imports have massively depleted supplies.

“The power shortfall is being managed through load shedding (power cuts) in order to balance the power supply available and demand,” ZETDC said in a statement in the local paper.

Power cuts started on Tuesday, and are expected to worsen.

The ZETDC said supplies will be interrupted during peak demand periods between 5:00 am (0300 GMT) and 10:00 pm (2000 GMT).

Most cities in Zimbabwe have been experiencing electricity outages, at times lasting up to 24 hours in recent days, plunging entire suburbs into darkness as the power utility battles to conserve scarce supplies.

Source: Zimbabwe’s crippling power outages set to worsen

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