Sweden: Muslim Migrants Murder Gay Man – Wrap Snake Around His Neck

A gay man was reportedly murdered by two Muslim migrants in Bergsjon in June.

The Muslim teens wrapped a snake around the victim’s neck after the murder.

A gay man was found murdered, bound and dressed in women’s clothes in his apartment in Bergsjön, reports the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

Around his neck a dead snake was found.

A 16-year-old is now charged with hate-crime murder. Simultaneously a 19-year-old is prosecuted for aiding and abetting a criminal.

According to the prosecutor, the motive for the murder was to violate the victim because of his sexual orientation.

– I am very afraid of snakes, how could I have put it there? asked the 16-year-old during the police interrogation.

The two accused are unaccompanied refugee children from Morocco in North Africa, who went to the gay man’s apartment in Bergsjön in June.

The 16-year-old’s blood and thus his DNA was found on the dead snake. Otherwise, the main evidence is a film from the murder scene found on the accused’s mobile phone. The film was deleted but could be recreated by police technicians and shows the battered, bound and humiliated man lying on the floor in his own apartment.

The film also shows how the two teenagers put the murdered man’s belongings in bags.

Source: Sweden: Muslim Migrants Murder Gay Man – Wrap Snake Around His Neck – The Gateway Pundit

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