Media24-HuffPost sim hates white men while her stove is burning

Andy Warhol thought that everybody would have their 15 minutes of fame, even a feminist sim writing on the South African Huffington Post. Her or its name—sims are of dubious gender—is Shelley Garland.

I don’t really play computer games—or perhaps I do if writing on the internet may be seen as part of a global computer game which might determine the future of the West and the white race—but I do have children so I have seen and heard a lot about such virtual pastimes. There you have it: I am white and a father, so every feminist on the planet must hate me. Probably that disqualifies me too from writing on the Huffington Post, that simulated global Pravda preaching cultural-Marxist political correctness with a fanaticism that puts the original Soviet Pravda to shame.

Surprisingly, Media24-HuffPost have withdrawn Ms. (some people prefer to be known as “manuscript” my old Latin professor MTW Arnheim used to say) Shelley Garland’s diatribe against white men. (Read it fully quoted in the original English here.) Not because they disagree with the contents, that white men should be stripped of the vote and their assets, but because she turned out to be a sim. As the Indian sim who is neither South African nor Indian but simulates being editor of HuffPostZA, Verashni Pillay, put it in Simlish:

We have done this because the blog submission from an individual who called herself Shelley Garland, who claimed to be an MA student at UCT, cannot be traced and appears not to exist. (White Men And The Vote: Why We Took The Blog Down)

It includes stuff about “hate speech” which is the professional activity of left-liberal journalists, directed against anyone deviating from their faith. Note the pregnant phrase: “appears not to exist”. It sounds like the qualifications of ANC leader Pallo Jordan or SABC moguls Hlaudi Motsoeneng and Ellen Tshabalala.

My 14-year old son explained to me the other day that sims with low cooking skills usually see their stoves catching fire. Perhaps Shelley Garland’s Defy (that’s a South African brand of stove) caught fire, so she and HuffPostZA had to interrupt their virtual war against white men.

Not that the war against white men will stop. In my little book on South Africa’s new “English” (or Simlish, if you prefer) identity, Raiders of the Lost Empire, I explain how the increasingly crazy inhabitants of this sunny but tragic land have become inveterate imitators of the ideal global world “out there”, which could be either the ex-Soviet Union or ultraliberal New York, where only 13% of people vote Republican.

‘The destructive rage of low-skilled sims…’

South Africa, a place where white men are discriminated and legislated against, and sometimes tortured to death during farm and house attacks, is dedicated to imitation, ersatz, simulation and copying everyone else, especially left-liberal Britain and America. What local culture and identity we used to have has been destroyed, even literally hacked to pieces or burnt down in the destructive rage of low-skilled sims.

Shelley Garland

South Africa is sim country, par excellence. If local “wimmin” are not copying Hillary Clinton’s Armani jackets and pant suits, not to mention her hackneyed, stupid opinions, they pretend to be “academics” and “philosophers” while screaming their lungs out about the damage that “white men have inflicted on the world”. Ms. Shelley Garland, who looks androgynous enough to use the toilets at the University of the Witwatersrand if she ever had to develop a real need, is no ordinary leftist, anti-white sim. No, “she” happens to be an MA student in philosophy, that male-dominated tradition which was once characterised by the father (sic) of deconstructionism, Jacques Derrida, as “the white ideology”.

“Gender neutral” toilet at Wits University

Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, all those white men that for many still define “Western thought” should be anathema to any serious feminist anti-white sim, yet Shelley Garland pretends to be a “philosophy postgrad”. Is that not the height of irony? As our black male polygamous president pretends to be a “liberal-democratic president” and the bunch of obese idiots snoring away in our “parliament”, recuperating from their perpetual lunch at our expense, play-act at being parliamentarians.

Both Helen Zille and Hillary Clinton—when she visited our country as US Secretary of State—have simulated African dancing, but that did not prevent Zille from being denounced as a “racist” for her little tweet about Singapore. Imagine if Zille had tweeted about how nice and rich Switzerland was; she would have been burnt at the stake.

Yet as anyone comparing South Africa to Mozambique, Malawi, the DRC, Zambia or any of those countries where the influence of black men is so much more palpable, would have to admit, white men and their heritage continue to shape our reality here in South Africa. Whenever Shelley Garland or her fellow feminist media sims such as Esmaré Weideman, Verashni Pillay, Gillian Sigiswa (she of the black husband fame), Hannelie Booyens, Christi van der Westhuizen, Amanda Gouws and the rest drive down our concrete motorways, use a cellphone or computer, take a lift in a multi-storey building, even turn on the light, get into a car or an aeroplane, they are using technology invented by the hated white male. In a world shaped by high-skilled, real-life white men who have bled or suffered ignominy to create all of this, they are pretending that their wacky opinions even matter.

Despite twenty years of free cadet programmes, affirmative action and anti-white discrimination in the air, I have it on good authority that 700 out of the 800 pilots at South African Airways are still white men!

Most feminist Marxists or acolytes of gender studies and such-like “disciplines” that should not even be allowed to exist or at least should be a criminal offence to “fund”, are very close to the “hysterics” that nineteenth-century psychologists wrote about. They belong in asylums or zoos where they could amuse us with their antics, their flailing arms and incomprehensible Simlish shrieks as their domestic appliances catch fire.

I know it sounds dystopian or Orwellian to lock these people up, but if ever their feminazi dystopia of white genocide and white-male submission should materialise, it would make Pol Pot’s Cambodia look like a Nordic welfare state. Not that Nordic welfare states with their imbalances of immigrants and rampant feminist ideology are without their own problems. But you get the point.

Our response as white men should be to become even more white and more masculine. (And “masculinity” should be more nuanced than simply getting a gun and a tattoo; think of our chivalric, aristocratic past when faith, good taste and courage went together.) There is something to be said for white identity, after all. If you think “white nationalism” sounds a bit over the top, just imagine the whole world becoming a Zimbabwe, ruled by Robert Mugabe and his feminist, Singapore-shopping wife Grace, looting the last few dollars from the state coffers. White men will not be able to own or run anything, European legal principles will have fallen by the wayside, while the remaining white women who have not willingly embraced an interracial relationship will be forcibly mated with black men freshly let out of prison for crimes such as rape and murder. Needless to say, anyone pointing out that 99% of violent crime in South Africa is being committed by non-white males, will die in front of the firing squad, let alone having his career and reputation ruined by irate Social Justice Warriors, as is presently the case.

It will be Feminazis Rule For Real and not The Sims 3: University Life.

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