Whites under a sword

I attended the gathering at the Vegkop battlefield site for about two hours and plead guilty to warning the people there that SA is getting so unstable that organised genocide on the scale of Rwanda is a possibility not to be discounted too lightly.

The discussion around genocide over the past few weeks in Afrikaans was set off, not by a “right-wing bigot” as you continue in your tribal Johannesburg-English way to stereotype Afrikaners, but by the left-wing, ANC- supporting theologian Nico Smith.

On September 11 he wrote an article in Beeld, Pas aan of pas op (Adapt or beware), in which he forecast that Afrikaners insisting on language rights and complaining about affirmative action will end up like the French Algerians who were given the choice of “the suitcase or the coffin” by the National Liberation Front in the early sixties.

No one can deny the wall of hate from the state directed against Afrikaner farmers, teachers, schools, universities, museums, monuments and so on. Huge amounts of taxpayer rands are being spent on court cases and other actions to eradicate Afrikaans from educational institutions and to remove Afrikaner farmers from the land they have farmed for generations.

The nature of injuries sustained in military-style attacks on farms and suburban houses are not of a civil or even criminal nature.

At a recent medical conference on trauma surgery held in the US, a high- ranking officer from the US army called the South African delegate aside and told her: “Judging from the type of injuries you have shown us, I am afraid there is a war in your country. Such injuries do not occur in peacetime.”

I am sorry to disturb you in your liberal dreamworld where you are “cremating deceased livestock and sucking on a beer”, but this country is already engaged in a low-intensity ethnic conflict that may well escalate into dominee Smith’s vision of a white genocide.

The umKhonto weSizwe and Apla- controlled SANDF, of which we have recently seen the levels of discipline, has about 500000 automatic weapons at its disposal.

Likewise, the SABC is the perfect weapon to exhort the majority population to drive the hated white racists or “bigots” into the sea.

The tide of history, as is amply demonstrated by Algeria, the former Portuguese colonies and, of course, Zimbabwe, is against the continued presence of whites in Africa. We are all living under the sword of Damocles.

Comments from Business Day:

By: Princess Zulu On: Oct 1 2009 7:39AM
You Sir, are an idiot. Be greatful for the freedoms you have. Remeber is the roles of aparthied wre operated by the ANC you would now be in jail. Black people are not against with people. Your role in causing trouble is as unwelcome as it is disgusting. You are limited, and a high negative element in society.
By: Princess Zulu On: Oct 1 2009 7:41AM
Typo – Sorry against white people. Business Day printing this type of nonsense is a disgrace. Couple by not running the steel cartel actcial for public comment. Whose side are you on Business Day- Africas? or do you also have your own private agendas?
By: poolboy On: Oct 1 2009 7:57AM
Princess Zulu Instead of crucifying the man why not tackle the argument? Whites should be greatful (sic)? To whom and for what? If you mean to blacks because they were “given” something by blacks are you not supporting the argument of Dr Roodt? Why not show us where whites were or are welcome in Africa? Explain perhaps why Mugabe gets a standing ovation from blacks when he visits here. Is it because he eradicated whites from their land and their country of perhaps because of his outstanding achievements in the field of decimating an economy? There is freedom of speech and thought in this country and you like everyone else can have an opinion. This is the opinion of Dan Roodt. Sinking to personal attack level is childish and does not contribute anything.
By: ttt On: Oct 1 2009 8:21AM
@poolboy, We will continue to spill your blood. If during a robbery, one white is killed, is minus one.

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  1. Even though I spent only two hours at Vegkop, I have been taken to task for some of the other statements made by the other speakers and have since had to defend myself in two radio interviews, on SAFM and Kaya FM.

    The reactions of blacks over the past few days, both in these postings and the callers on the two talk shows, confirm my worst suspicions. Most of the black callers told me in my face to leave the country and some even made vague threats.

    Where should Afrikaners go? We all have SA passports. Should we all apply for political asylum in Canada, like Brandon Huntley?

    The attitude is: we should all be grateful fore being allowed to stay on in SA and for not having been killed in retribution for apartheid, as if we have no inherent right to be in this country, despite having lived here for 357 years!

    As I have said before, Afrikaners, not blacks, are the victims of SA history. First, the Spanish and French Catholics tried to wipe us out in Europe, then we came here and started farming as Vryburgers. The Xhosas, Zulus and British massacred us successively until the twentieth century when for the first time we could live without your constant attacks and pogroms. But now we are back where we started, as refugees in our own country, being subjected to extreme, genocidal violence, as well as discriminatory legislation that defines us as second-class citizens.

    And for simply pointing out these facts that are staring us in the face, my mental health is being questioned. What next, where is the ANC’s Siberia or gulag where it can send the Afrikaner dissidents? To think how hard our nation has worked to make of South Africa the jewel of Africa, with roads, infrastructure, universities, etc. and ultimately we are just being shown the door by arrogant Africans whose idol is the white-hating Mugabe. What a disgrace!

  2. Princess Zulu, it is ironic that you should use the phrase “selective use of history” when you blacks and your British friends specialise in that area (viz. the TRC with its one-sided look at the past). On the early 1800s, read these two short articles by prof. Jaap Steyn on praag.co.za where he alludes to the terrible suffering of the frontier Afrikaners whose houses were burnt down by the Khoi-Khoi and Xhosa, and whole families massacred: http://bit.ly/7F0hW and http://bit.ly/4fg18Q. Nothing has changed really, and we continue to suffer. As NP van Wyk Louw wrote in the 1950s: “The Afrikaner without political power in SA, will be as helpless as the Jews in Nazi Germany.” How those words ring true today, after 15 years of so-called “democracy”, which I call “demonocracy”, with its attendant violence, crime, corruption and profligacy.

  3. Wat jy hier skryf, kan ek voel aan die gesindheid van swart personeel in polisiestasies wanneer jy verplig is om sake daar te doen.
    Aanmerkings wat gereeld deur swart figure soos Malema en sy makkers gemaak word, bevestig hierdie skrywe van Dan Roodt.
    Gaan doen sake om ID’s, motorlisensies, registreer voertuie ens. te kry en kyk die haat in hul oë en die manier wat jy behandel word.
    Die swartes haat ons met ‘n passie omdat hul afgunstig en jaloers is op die witman se vermoeës
    Tog kom die kruipers soos Maxs, Papendorf en hul saampraters dit nie agter nie en beledig diegene (soos Dan) wanneer bekommernis hieroor uitgespreek word
    DAn Roodt is een van die min Afrikaners wat nie bang is of huiwer om ons saak te stel nie. Die bydrae van die gatkruipers is om hom aan te val. Dan jy is my held en gaan so aan.
    Ons is nou soos die Jode tydens die Nazibewind. Hulpeloos en magteloos en sal nooit weer in beheer wees van ons self nie (danksy de Klerk en Botha). Sou daar ‘n wonderwerk gebeur en manne soos Dan Roodt kry dit reg dat ons weer in ons eie beheer is sien ek al hoe die gatkruipers omswaai en maak of hul deel daarvan is.

  4. We are on borrowed time…So are you!

    I will liaise my opinion in the Queens English so that our counter parts (Kransburgers van Africa) may understand me. I’m a young white Afrikaner which speaks on behalf of many whites which carries the same interest as me. History has a funny way of repeating itself hence Mr. D Roodt stating the obvious in a well written article. We have buried a lot of our family, friends, and colleagues to this mindless farm killings and crime. We had enough! ..we tried to live in harmony “post 1994” but its seems the more we offer the more you want….. Just remember that there will be loses on both sides and should God permit that you defeat us, your journey will only start from there onwards. As I reiterated “History repeats itself” and those which you put on high pedestals “freedom fighters” are the ones that will murder you in the millions, limbs will be cut off to push their own agendas. Mark my words… Africa without Europeans = Mass genocide of Africans by the hands of African children….

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