Are English-speaking whites Afrikaners too?

At the start of this fateful year of 2010, with a lot of foreign soccer fans about to get their first taste of South African crime, violence and mayhem, politics is moving at a breath-taking pace. Only two weeks ago 73% of Beeld’s online readers exppressed themselves in favour of a volkstaat, a hitherto politically incorrect idea.

Since then, the debate has been raging about where, with some (like me) saying we should have a third of the country, incorporating Pretoria, the Eastern Transvaal, Eastern Free State and the Southern Cape area which is, of course, almost 100% white and Afrikaans. Others say that we should claim a kind of Palestine in and around Pretoria where we are in the majority. Then there is the Orania faction, maintaining that we should build a New Jerusalem on the banks of the Orange in the Northern Cape.

All of this is exciting and for the first time since 1994 I am getting the impression that we are heading somewhere. At least we are becoming realistic about our future prospects which, within an increasingly anti-white, failing or failed state anachronistically self-identifying as “South Africa”, have become an either/or choice: either emigrate or seek your own state/territory within the boundaries of a disintegrating South Africa overrun with illegal immigrants from the rest of Africa.

Anton Barnard has just raised a very relevant issue on his blog, SAmizdat: What about English-speaking whites? Would they be welcome in a future Afrikaner volkstaat, wherever it might be? His conclusion:

“I would personally also say there is a case to be made for extending a once-off offer of asylum or refugee status to ESWs who suffer from racist persecution and crime at the hands of the ANC regime. Afrikaners could certainly not stand idly by if, God forbid, South Africa threatens to become another Rwanda and our ESW brothers are about to suffer a genocide. This should, however, be subject to the understanding that any Afrikaner self-determination or independent state would be of an Afrikaner nature in terms of language and culture, and that refugees would be expected to assimilate and adopt the Afrikaner culture.

The above will admittedly not appeal to all ESWs, but then they are free to savour the many delights Africa and the so-called Rainbow Nation have in store for those of an unfashionable shade of pigmentation.”

I probably have more English blood than Afrikaans in my veins, both on the maternal and paternal side. My mother, although Afrikaans-speaking, grew up in the East of Johannesburg, went to Jeppe High School and she always had a slight hesitation about some of the intricacies of Afrikaans grammar.

Barnard raises the issue of Steve Hofmeyr’s children with his English wife, Natasha Sutherland. Hofmeyr in his own way is something of a language nationalist. It would be rather absurd to deny his children citizenship of a future Afrikaner state.

Another example that springs to mind, is that of an elderly British-born woman I met at the Oudtshoorn Afrikaans festival a few years ago. She had emigrated to South Africa in the fifties and duly learnt her first Afrikaans as part of an induction programme on the ship on the way here. She spoke fluent Afrikaans and was proud of her new language and identity, although some part of her would always remain English.

I strongly feel that bilingualism had severely weakened white South Africa in the past. Even though English-speaking whites by and large shared a common “South African” patriotism, the intellectual and business elite was more loyal towards Britain and the outside forces that were intent on destroying White South Africa and putting the exiled ANC in power. Although a small minority in the old South Africa, some radical or even communist journalists, as well as academics at Rhodes, Natal, Wits and UCT, sided with foreigners in wishing to see their own kind subjugated and ultimately assimilated or hounded out of South Africa in a remake of the recent Zimabwe. Many of these radical or ultra-liberal whites still exist and their one distinguishing characteristic is their English culture and admiration for Anglo-American political correctness and the anti-white ideology associated with “diversity”. Interestingly, those Afrikaners converting to political correctness, such as Max du Preez, Christi van der Westhuizen or Carel Niehaus, to name but a few, almost immediately ditch Afrikaans in favour of English as being the more appropriate vehicle for their new-found faith, a bit like all Muslims have to learn Arabic.

If a future white African state or territory is to survive against the many odds it will face, I cannot see how bilingualism or a divided loyalty between the local republic and the wider Anglo-American empire with its increasing obsession with multiculturalism, diversity, affirmative action and anti-white racial ideologies would favour our long-term survival.

As a result of our intermarriage with English-speaking whites, there has been a certain white “melting pot” which has continued unto the present day. Many English-speakers, especially those living among Afrikaners, have become bilingual and more or less integrated into the Afrikaner way of life, including boerewors, rugby and Afrikaans popular music.

Any nation state – and volkstaat is really just an Afrikaans word for a nation state – needs a high culture, a symbology, a literature, a history, a national consciousness and preferably, a national language, to define itself.

To participate in the Afrikaans tradition, which includes the potential to liberate ourselves from the current anti-white oppression, is a privilege, as our many great authors from the past have discovered time and again. People like Leipoldt who was equally fluent in English or our greatest poet, NP van Wyk Louw, who had attended a posh English private school in the Cape.

I say, let all white Africans who have truly made their home in this part of the world, embrace Afrikaans and Afrikaans institutions! Waging the current struggle against our imminent demise at the hands of the Afrocentric, racist maniacs who rule us, it wil sustain, strengthen and unify us.

Going forward, the autonomous Afrikaans language and culture will be our mainstay. After liberation, when the exiled whites return from Australia, Canada and elsewhere, their anglicised children will have to relearn their own language, just like the Jews reacquired a dead language, Hebrew, in Israel.

Like JBM Hertzog also maintained, at heart we are all Afrikaners. We just have to teach proper Afrikaans to our children in future when our Afrikaans-only schools will rival those of Finland, the best in the world.

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  1. I am of course elated by the prospect of a volkstaat, remote as it may seem at this point. Certainly, my family and I will be the first to move back to south Africa should the volkstaat come about. As for the location for the volkstaat I should say the Cape Provence would be the most feasible and appropriate. As for English speakers: I should think it is a matter of attitude, a matter of the heart. If English speakers FEEL together with the Afrikaners populating a volkstaat, surely they should be welcome. If their intention is to come and display arrogance and superiority, as some of them have always done, then rather stay out; they will not be happy there in any caze.

  2. The worst posssible solution will be to have a volkstaat in bits and pieces. Any attempt to draw a map for a volkstaat which includes all, or most of Afrtikaners is doomed from the start. If I may caricaturize: drawing a circle apround every farm where Afrikaans is spoken to include it in a volkstaat is not the best way to go about it. As with the Jews in the diaspora, it is enough that Afrikaners know that there is place somewhere they can call their own. They don’t necessarily all have to live there. And the Orania option, although I admire their courge, seems a bit Mickey Mouse too. But, for heaven’s sake, whatever we do, let us find a way of Keeping Meyer and De Klerk out!

  3. # Kommentaar deur aquila — Januarie 30, 2010 @ 2:30 pm

    The worst posssible solution will be to have a volkstaat in bits and pieces. Any attempt to draw a map for a volkstaat which includes all, or most of Afrtikaners is doomed from the start. If I may caricaturize: drawing a circle apround every farm where Afrikaans is spoken to include it in a volkstaat is not the best way to go about it. As with the Jews in the diaspora, it is enough that Afrikaners know that there is a place somewhere they can call their own. They don’t necessarily all have to live there. And the Orania option, although I admire their courage, seems a bit Mickey Mouse too. But, for heaven’s sake, whatever we do, let us find a way of Keeping Meyer and De Klerk out!

  4. Are you serious. Englsih speaking whites must ask for asylum? It is because of the likes of you oke’s this country is in the shit state it is right now. Your Fathers , mothers, brothers and sisters lived it up large during apartheid, you hate the english with as much passion as the Africans and you expect us to sympathise with you. Get your factS right. William Kekana was IN THE DOCK IN 2004? What are you lot going to do? Wear camos like the AWB twats and get shot while prancing around. Go figure…tjop.

  5. Dan, My husband and I enjoyed the Morning Live feature very much and wish you well. We are both well into our bonus years (over 70), and have lived interesting lives in the Republic and also in Botswana, Swaziland and Namibia. You explained something to us that we have long wondered about, nl IQ of different nations/race groups. We do, however, know and respect many black South Africans, many of whome we consider to be intellectually superior to us and over the years our attitude towards them has mellowed considerably. Most of them are true Christian believers.
    My grandfathers and uncles on both sides (mother and Father) fought in the Boer War. In fact, my paternal grandfather was in the group of ‘penkoppe’ who shot Lord Wauchope at Magersfontein. Being true Christians, my grandparents did not harbour any bitterness towards the English and instilled the sames values in their children. Although our home language was Afrikaans and as kids my sister and I used to sing songs like ‘ uit the chaos van die eeue het verrys ‘n stoere volk’, my mother thought it prudent that we should learn English in an English school, as being profifient in it was the best means of cummunicating with the rest of the world. I consider myself to be an English speaking Afrikaner and cannot visit the Vroue Monument (we live in Bloemfontein) without becoming extremely emotional, but will not be joining you in your proposed laager, where you will all become bitter and twisted, living in the past.
    Jesus said ‘Go into all the world, making disciples of all men’ and you cannot do that when you live in a laager. We are of the belief that the only hope for our country and for the rest of Africa is a mighty revival and to that end we pray.
    When we all know the TRUTH it will set us free.

  6. This topic has as much relevance as discussing raising the Titanic. There will never be a Volkstaad in this country. The FF+ proposes a Volkstaad in the deserts of the Northern Cape (although, as you might have noticed, they are doing very little to achieve this [as if becoming a deputy minister will help things along]). Dr Roodt and his friends at Praag have published a map showing a rather phallic-like homeland that would constitute about one-third of SA and basically cut the country in half. Fancy that: the ANC handing over one-third of SA to less than 10% of the population. What are these people smoking? Face facts, Dr Roodt: whites lost the war and FW gave away the farm. The ship is sinking. Either enjoy the “after-party” while you can or get on the plane for Perth, London, Ottawa or wherever. Yes, it’s bad news for Afrikaans culture, but if enough Afrikaners end up living in Australia or New Zealand you could set up schools and cultural associations there. Incidentally, considering the way the contributors on Praag keep blaming the English (not to mention the Jews [where have we heard that one before?]) for all the ills of the Afrikaner, I doubt too many ESWs would join you in your (imaginary) homeland.

  7. julle soort afrikaners is vir my belaglik. It was you who (foremost among other white SAfricans) oppressed and held back the development of literally millions of native African people for hundreds of years. And here in 2010 you gather together and whinge about the situation you yourselves created. Reality is you will need to adjust to the fact that there is nothing more special about being an Afrikaner than there is about being an English speaker or a Sotho or a Xhosa – for that matter as you know there are millions of coloured Afrikaners who in any case speak a more colourful and interesting version of the language than your lot do – the real Afrikaans for my money.

  8. Vir ‘n Boere/Afrikaner staat om ‘ sukses te wees moet dit ‘n ordentlikke stuk grond van (Suid) Afrika wees.
    Na my sin moet die noord grens die Oranje Rivier wees en die oos grens die Groot Vis Rivier.
    Swartes kan geen eis aan hierdie streek bewys nie.
    Daar is genoeg grond hier om 5 miljoen mense maklik te huisves
    Al die ander geriewe is ook daar – hawens, lughawe, elektriese krag, water, Mosselbaai gas en oelie, goeie grond om op te boer en genoeg reenval.
    In die kort termyn (50 tot 100 jare?) moet diegene wat van die noorde verhuis van die ou lande vergeet en ‘n nuwe lewe begin. In die lang termyn sal Afrika noord en oos van die grense ineensak want ons weet mos die swart buure kan niks selfs skep nie. Miskein oor tyd sal die geleenthede weer daar wees om die ou lande terug te kry.

    Nou die saak van taal.
    Ou “Engels en Trots” het ‘n probleem want hy is in die minderheid alhowewl hy mag dink dat hy in die mederheid is. Hy sal net moet aanpas as hy daar wil bly of hy kan sy links gesinde houdings uitvoer en saam met sy swart vriende in die noorde bly.
    Mense praat van ‘n laaer mentaliteit. As hulle dit wil ondervind moet hulle tyd in Europe deurbring soos ek dit vir die afgelope 20 jaar gedoen het. Hier word dit Nasionalisme genoem en niemand dink daar is fout daarmee nie. In die VK het hulle die BNP, UKIP, SNP en Plyd Cymru partei. Dit is did rede vir hulle bestaan. Nasionalisme.

    Soos ek nou agterkom is daar duisende Suid Afrikaners net soos my – helfde Boer en helfde Brit. My ouers se werk het hulle na KZN gevat en dus was ek as ‘n “Engelsman” opgevoed. Ek kan u waarbog dat ek hierdie land net so veel lief het as eenige Afrikaans spreekende Suid Afrikaner. So waar pas ons in? Ek gee nie om nie om Afrikaans te praat nie. My ondervinding is dat as ‘n tweetaalige Suid Sfrikaner kan ek makilik om die res van die wereld beweeg want Afrikaans help my in Belgie, die Nederland, Duitsland en Switserland. Om tweetaalige kinders te he is ‘n voordeel.

    Ja. Die beginsel van ‘n Boerestaat is ‘n goeie een want die laaste 16 jare het ons duidelik gewys dat daar baaie min middelgrond tuessen die swart man en die wit man is. “Live and let live” soos die Engels dit stel, of “Apartheid” van die Afrikaner standpunt is die pad voorentoe wat self regeering betref.

  9. I can hardly believe what I am reading! It is this dinosaur nationalistic xenophobic mentality that has landed South Africa in the present mess. If all people in South Africa had been treated with respect and dignity, regardless of colour or language during the apartheid era, the political spectrum could have looked much different. No, I was never a communist or a liberal. I was raised as a bilingual South African and am very proud of my rich heritage. But I will remain in Canada, thank you.

  10. Ek wil net aan TONY PETERS se dat in die eerste plek was Apartheid nie honderde jare nie, en die onderdrukking wat vroeer plaasgevind het (wat ek vermoed jy van praat) was net jou soort- die Britte, soos hulle die res van die wereld onderdruk het en gekoloniseer het. So, of jy is totaal en al oningelig, of maar net ‘n idioot.

  11. I enquired into the Dan Roodt movement some time ago and because i was english speaking , i was told that this was reserved for Afrikaans speaking people only . I reminded the person that responded to me that i was born here and my passion for SA is still strong and that i believe in this country . Excluding white english speaking people from a politcal forum such as this is short sited and shallow .

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