Jeffrey Imm’s Race Fundamentalism

An open letter

Dear Mr. Imm,

You probably know as little about me as I do about you, living on different sides of the planet. However, I was one of the invited speakers to the American Renaissance conference that had to be cancelled after you and other left-wing groups had harassed the hotels concerned.

I was practically on my way to the airport for the 19-hour flight from Johannesburg when I had received Jared Taylor’s e-mail informing me that the conference had finally been cancelled, with the Capitol Skyline Hotel also succumbing to pressure from yourselves.

As an Afrikaner from South Africa, I am totally astonished at your behaviour and that you even seem to boast about having prevented the biannual AR “conversation about race” from taking place. Did your own president, Barack Obama, not call for a “conversation about race” shortly after taking office?

Americans are privileged to live in a country with a Constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech by means of the first amendement. Why would you want to undermine that principle by threatening hotels in Washington with boycotts, “shaming” and even death threats?

On your website you state your opposition to “fundamentalism” as presumably practised by some Muslims. However, what about race fundamentalism?

Your opposition to any rational debate on race reminds me of the Spanish Inquisition or Stalin’s Russia, where only one set of ideas could be publicly or even privately expressed. Your intolerant, left-fascist attitude affects not only the free discussion of political ideas, but also science, morality, history and international relations. If it were to bebome universal, humanity would go back to the Dark Ages where anyone voicing dissent from opinions held by the masses or the mass media would be persecuted.

Given the global clout and influence of the United States as the sole remaining superpower, you have a special responsibility toward the rest of us living in other parts of the world where we, too, grapple with severe racial problems. Again, if your scare tactics and intellectual terrorism had to become the norm, the USA would quickly assume the status of a new Soviet Union, not only oppressing its own citizens, but exporting its myopia and intolerance world-wide.

Already my country, South Africa, is suffering under a disastrous experiment in social engineering, based precisely on American so-called liberal ideas, but which are the antithesis of liberality and classical liberalism. Radical affirmative action, the exclusion of whites on racial grounds, as well as racially motivated attacks on whites are the stuff of everyday life in South Africa. Stop any white South African in the street. He or she will tell you.

On 20 December 2006 a pretty, blonde-haired little girl was shot just for the hell of it by two blacks in Randfontein, west of Johannesburg. Danielle Esterhuizen was only five years old, sitting on her mother’s lap. On 23 February 2009 a 16-year Bernadette Kruger was deliberatly run down and killed by a black taxi driver on her scooter, while on her way to school, again simply because she happened to be white and to be defenseless. Blacks study for free at university while whites have to pay. In November last year, the Supreme Court of Appeal, the highest judicial tribunal in South Africa, delivered a stinging judgement against the Pretoria municipality that had refused to appoint qualified white electrical engineers and high-voltage electricians, even when no qualified blacks could be found. In their racial zeal, not only did they endanger the economy of the capital, but they also placed the lives of the public at risk as at least one sub-station had exploded due to lack of maintenance.

Your website domain where you exhort readers to curtail Jared Taylor and American Renaissance’s freedom of speech, is is situated at How amusing, how Orwellian!

For you precisely lack courage to confront lies and expose myths. Especially the infantile lies and myths about race, your race fundamentalism. If you had had any intention of, as you state on your website, support(ing)… our universal human rights in all parts of the world”, you would not have engaged in vindictive posturing about a gathering of decent, well-behaved race realists in Washington, but you would have taken up the cause of the white South Africans or the white Zimbabweans, ethnically cleansed from their country by Robert Mugabe!

You claim to be “defying racial supremacism”. But what about black racial supremacism as institutionalised in Southern Africa? Would you also have “real courage” to defy that brand of racial supremacism?

I may be mistaken, but I doubt it very much. Your bag of well-worn clichés about white racism might still work when you shout “Boo!” at a few timorous hotel managers, but in the real world, especially outside your own suburb, it is as redundant as Karl Marx’s writings on economic equality.

If I think about the fact that you literally prevented me and the others to speak at the American Renaissance conference, it is obvious that you are already far advanced in imposing a type of Soviet closure of the mind on the capital of the USA. Paradoxically, our anti-white racist, black, quasi-Marxist government in South Africa offers me far more freedom of speech in South Africa than you could provide me with as a guest in your country, notwithstanding the First Amendment. Over here I regularly speak my mind in the press, on the internet and even on the state-owned radio and television stations.

Does that not trigger an alarm bell somewhere, that South Africa’s black government who used to be terrorists, bombing supermarkets and restaurants – they also call each other “comrade” by the way – could offer one greater freedom of speech than the, oh so white, “equality activists” of Washington?

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  1. Have you considered, Dan Roodt, that there is nothing more special about the life of a ‘pretty blonde haired little girl’ than those of the hundreds of pretty black-skinned little girls and boys who suffered lives of deprivation and degradation over the past decades as a direct result of a wicked and cruel and inhumane system of government? What do you say to that? Perhaps if you had grown up with a black skin under that system of government you might reason differently. Are black lives worth less than white lives?

  2. Tony Peters, You have missed the point here completely. This has nothing to do with Apartheid at all. the majority of people in these “genocide squads” would not be able to tell you what apartheid was. None of them, when caught, have ever given apartheid as a reason for their crimes! Apartheid was dismantled over 30 years ago. I find it hard to understand “lives of deprivation and degradation” you speak of. There are many Blacks from that generation, who believe that living under apartheid was infinitely better than the existing conditions. Misguided as they may be, it was not a good system. Anyone insinuating that one life is more important than another, is an idiot! Anyone showing disregard for any human life is evil. What is happenning here is no different to what happenned in any previous genocide. Were the Armenians guilty of anything? Were the victims of Pol Pot guilty of anything? Were the Muslim Serbs in the Balkans guilty of anything?. Were the Tutsis in Rawanda guilty of anything? Next door to South Africa, were the 20,000 Matabele slaughtered in Zimbabwe guilty of anything? My friend, dont try trivialise a very serious situation being built on the murder of thousands of innocent people. It’s not a joke!

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