On the new South African flag

Y-front flag

Y-front flag

I hate the new South African flag. Even from the first moment I set eyes on the design in the newspaper it looked incredibly ugly and the Y-front underpants association or being “Winnie Mandela se kopdoek” as it is also known could not be escaped. Bert is right in that, like the swastika, it also symbolizes a genocidal, racist regime intent upon ethnically cleansing a racial minority from “their” territory. The territory, apart from the tribal backwaters characterised by erosion and neglect, is of course not theirs but ours, fought for or paid for.

The argument that apartheid is to blame for the dysfunctional or pathological behaviour of so many black South African leaders, citizens or criminals, simply does not wash. Haiti, “the oldest black republic” as Mbeki called it, has been independent for 200 years without slavery, colonialism and apartheid and conditions there are very similar to the worst in Africa. We don’t want apartheid (which was charity and aid on a massive scale) back, god forbid, we simply want our country or a good chunk of it back. And if the white liberals are so masochistic as to enjoy being raped, murdered or discriminated against, there will surely be an ANC-controlled zone left where such pleasures might be relished. Or you could emigrate to Zimbabwe and enjoy a country governed by non-apartheid, non-colonial principles and “democratic” to boot.

Prince flag

The Prince flag, or Prinsevlag, orange white and blue

Regarding the oranje-blanje-blou, it is the most beautiful flag in the world. Orange is the true royal colour, much more than red or blue, so shockingly brilliant as to express the fervour that burns in every true patriot’s heart. I know for sure that one day and sooner than many of you might think, it will fly again above the Union Buildings in a liberated South Africa or Afrikaans republic, excluding a “zone” where the misfits may continue to subsist in their Afro-pathological paradise.

6 thoughts on “On the new South African flag

  1. Martinus

    The gaudy jockstrap of a flag representing the current mess South Africa is, cannot even be compared to the old South African flag – and for those idiots who see fit to label that flag as a creation of old afrikaans men, well I have a few choice expletives better left unspoken. The troll who wrote the quoted piece of “wisdom” clearly does not know that the old flag was a British Colonial creation aimed at forging unity between the two white peoples. We can only wish people like that the very best the marauding black african savage has to offer them – rape, robbery and murder, not necessarily in that order.

  2. JC

    Dan, Al wat nog by hierdie pragtige Prinsevlag moet bykom, is die vertikale GROEN balk van ons eie ou ou vlag …

  3. Michael

    I’ve read an article in Russian magazine about your attempts to stop a wave of violence against white residents of the South African Republic. I entirely support your movement on protection of your own rights to life, independence and happiness. I am a white Russian guy, living in Russia, which is very far from the Republic of South Africa. But, nevertheless, I deeply understand and divide your feelings and your aspiration to live a quiet and worthy life. I do not accept any forms of violence, especially against the part of the population which managed to lead the society of the Republic of South Africa to economic prosperity and social stability. I am ready to support you personally and movement headed by you, and if necessary, to arrive to your country as a volunteer. Accept my sincere admiration of your courage. Write to me any time: mike-nn@list.ru

  4. Quintin

    Mr. Roodt is jy ‘n dreamer of wat.

    Julle soort sal nooit weer Suid Afrika rule nie.

    Klim op ‘n ossewa en ‘gooi’ na Orania on soek julle sort nie.

    Dus julle wat afrikaans die taal van my mense gesteel, die slawe van ouds.

  5. Ewald

    Ek sal vir Quintin se lesse om ordentlike Afrikaans [die gedeelte van die “taal” wat ons nie by “hulle” gesteel het nie] te leer, betaal. Dit is ‘n goeie 99.99999999999% van regte Afrikaans.

    Dis juis “dreamers” wat ‘n volk se toekoms bedink en dan daadwerklik optree. Ek weet Quintin verstaan nie die konsep “dreamer” nie en sal hom verskoon vir sy heldhaftige poging om Dan te probeer ontsenu met sy vlak redenasie van – “julle soort sal nooit weer Suid Afrika [sic] “rule” nie.

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