DA outs itself as ANC Lite

Zuma and Zille

Zuma and Zille dancing to the same tune

On the eve of South African local elections, the DA has finally outed itself as the “lite” version of the ANC. The party’s leader Helen Zille stated that “we subscribe to the Freedom Charter just like the ANC”, thereby embracing the ANC’s crypto-socialist document from 1955 that is widely reputed to have been drawn up by communists.

The image of Zille dancing like some highly paid maid in white sneakers and ridiculous attire in a desperate bid to snake-charm ANC voters into voting for her adds to that sense that we are living through yet another African tragi-comedy.  How about this little snippet on Zille from the Sowetan newspaper: “On May Day she visited Atteridgeville in Pretoria, paying homage to late uMkhonto weSizwe hero Solomon Mahlangu.”

Mahlangu was a two-bit terrorist who got the death sentence for killing two unarmed white civilians on 13 June 1977. Zille might just as well honour the memory of Osama bin Laden. But the amazing thing about South African politics is that liberals have always defended and honoured the radical left. Without loony liberals  like Zille, the ANC would never have come to power!

When one thinks about the colossal triumph of the left in this country with their kow-towing liberal lapdogs sniffing ahead of them, it is enough to drive one to thoughts of suicide.  All over the world, from the Tea Party in the USA to the Party for Freedom in Holland, glamorous, intellectual conservatism is on the rise. Yet in South Africa even the white middle-class voters are behaving like turkeys voting for Christmas every time by supporting an insanely liberal party like the DA with its internal affirmative action and fondness for dead terrorists like Solomon Mahlangu. Also this week, the DA removed a statue of former prime minister Hendrik Verwoerd in Meyerton, outbidding the ANC in anti-white political correctness. By the way, Verwoerd doubled the number of black schools in the 1950s within five years; never a good deed shall go unpunished, especially by the DA.

In those moments of utter political depression, I thank God for a party like the Freedom Front Plus. Granted, Pieter Mulder is much too nice and courteous to be an opposition leader and personally I think he should not stay on as deputy minister of agriculture. However, I read his book and was much impressed by his understanding of African politics, his insights into this country’s history and his commitment to the Afrikaner and white minority. Mulder could have done a Marthinus van Schalkwyk if he had wanted to, yet he has walked into the lion’s den of an ANC cabinet and remained steadfast. His almost daily media releases are all highly critical of the ANC. And he does not toyi-toyi in ridiculous outfits, scoring full marks for retaining his – and our – dignity.

Demographic projections, including ongoing emigration, put the white population at 500 000 in 2060 with our country being swamped by poor Africans from all over the continent. By then this land will be  a teeming sci-fi nightmare of 200 million. South Africa as we know it is doomed. Our children and grandchildren have no future. If you cannot by now read this writing on the wall, you are either on drugs or you seriously need some very thick glasses.

The only thing that will save us is ethnic and minority politics. If Black America that represents 12% of the American population could succeed in getting one of their own elected as president, surely we can do better than dissolving our legitimate hopes, aspirations and, God knows, rights – yes, we have rights too, not just the perenially “disadvantaged” in their flashy Mercs and Jaguars – into the DA’s loony-liberal, multicultural fantasy?

Only a miracle will rescue us and return this country, or at least part of it, to its former glory as a functioning industrial society, with very little crime, as well as education and medical services of a high standard. Miracles do happen, like the Berlin wall being broken down, freeing a few hundred million East Europeans from communism. While South Africa, instead of following their lead, increasingly embraced radical ideology that was very much an off-shoot of classical communism, to the extent that having Communist Party chief Blade Nzimande in his red T-shirt almost constantly on our TV no longer shocks anyone at all.

While Zille lambasts the ANC for greed and corruption, she is apparently “the biggest double dipper of all”. According to Tony Ehrenreich from Cosatu in the Western Cape, she receives two salaries: R1 million as premier of that province and a cool R1,5 million as DA party chief.

Conservatives in this country should brace themselves for a long, hard struggle ahead if we are not to land on the scrapheap of failed African states. Law and order are eroding as quickly as farmland confiscated from our farmers and handed over to ANC cronies – with the blessing of the loony-liberal DA.

We need to put up a real fight, on principles and for the kind of decentralised, federal and realistic system that this country needs. We must put an end to the shadow boxing – or should I call it shadow dancing – between Zuma and his female alter ego, Zille.

The DA is confident that it can make inroads into the ANC’s voters. So it no longer needs our minority votes. Adding another percent or two onto the DA’s 16 percent – far less than De Klerk’s 24 percent opposition vote in 1994 – will do nothing to change the future of this country.

However, doubling or trebling the number of Freedom Front Plus councillors will represent a “protest vote”, a much-feared “swing to the right” that will send a powerful message to the ANC as well as to global leaders that we have had enough of this circus, bequeathed to us by international liberalism with its misplaced faith in “one size fits all” democracy.

We must vote for real change, not rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. The Freedom Front Plus has the necessary intellectuals and committed activists to push for such change, to ensure that we as a minority are no longer trodden underfoot and driven from the land of our birth by violence and affirmative action.

But for that to happen, we need a lot more votes for the FF+. I sometimes get the impression that Zille and the rest of the ex-Black Sash, ANC-terrorist-sympathizing liberals in the DA hate the white, middle-class voters who put them there in the first place.

They won’t miss us or our votes. Let’s give our vote to Pieter Mulder and his thrifty boys and girls who are putting up a good fight at a hundredth of the ANC’s or DA’s budgets.

We need to cause an upset in this election. It is our last hope.

If you do nothing else in your life ever again, please vote for the Freedom Front Plus in this election.

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