Vote white, vote VF+

by Dan Roodt

Standing on a ladder, putting up a few last-minute posters here in Johannesburg, it struck me that the Freedom Front Plus was the last white party left in this country. Apart from a few pasty-faced, white liberal zombies, the DA, the ANC, Cope, IFP, etc., are all fielding black candidates. Malema, as ever, was wrong when he recently called the DA “a party for the whites”, as evidenced by its black mayoral candidate in Johannesburg and coloured pretender in Cape Town.

During the last general election in 2009, I found myself in a long queue next to a typical thirty-something English-speaking Johannesburg woman. In almost a whisper she confided to me: “It’s important for us whiteys to stick together and vote.” She was obviously going to vote DA, a party led by the botoxed, face-lifted liberal zombie queen, Helen Zille.

She was right, of course. As the last white minority left in Africa, we need to bring out a block vote for an opposition party, futile as it might seem. However, whichever way you look at it, the DA is no longer a white party, nor does it even remotely represent our minority interests. In her quest to rise from 16% t0 19%, the predicted support of the DA in tomorrow’s municipal elections, Helen Zille has already forsaken the white voters who are being hoodwinked by the media to vote for the DA.

There is only one party who has consistently defended Afrikaner and white interests: the FF Plus. Every year when we all trek to Bloemfontein for the party’s annual federal council meeting, I am astounded by the scandalousness of that gatherring: over 100 white delegates from all nine provinces and not a single black, coloured or Indian face among them. In contemporary South Africa, nay, in the world, it is unheard-of for a mainstream party to have only whites sitting on its controlling body.

Unlike the multicultural DA, the Freedom Front Plus has consistently come out against affirmative action, name changes, land reform, nationalisation and the marginalisation of Western history and culture in this country. Here in mostly English-speaking Johannesburg, we are fielding Engelse candidates too and they fit into our meetings with the ease and naturalness with which South African whites have associated with one another for the past 200 years, switching to and fro between each other’s languages with the same ease as a Swiss bureaucrat would address you alternatively in German, French or Italian.

The mystery is: why did that woman in the queue next to me in 2009 not use her logic to bring out a vote for the Freedom Front Plus, instead of supporting the DA that is treading in the footsteps of FW de Klerk, Marthinus van Schalkwyk and others who have attempted and failed to woo the so-called “moderate black vote”. Even if the DA scores miraculously tomorrow, it will not surpass De Klerk’s 24% share of the national vote recorded in1994, that tragic and eventful year.

My message to every person tomorrow is: Vote white, vote VF+. We have lost the war of the cradle long ago and will never win an election in this country under the present system again. Therefore, let’s vote en bloc for a party that is unabashedly white without offending blacks. In fact, blacks may start respecting us for voting for our own, as they do. The undignified sight of Helen Zille “going Bantu” in her blue dress (I won’t even suggest the K-word, like Steve Hofmeyr) is an insult to the white voter’s intelligence. As it is to that of the black voter.

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