Race-based admissions to South African universities

Currently the newspapers in South Africa are publishing stories about the miraculous achievements of last year’s matriculants who completed their school careers with six, seven, eight, nine and even ten distinctions. In American terms, these would be the proverbial “straight-A students” who would qualify for admission to a university in the discipline of their choice.

Not so in South Africa, however. Because a large percentage of these high achievers are white, Western, of European descent, whatever you may want to call them, they are being refused places at university. Here in Johannesburg a girl with nine A’s was not admitted to the medical school at Pretoria University, simply because she was white. Students of other races with much lower marks in the school-leaving examinations are readily admitted.

The tremendous injustice suffered by these hard-working, conscientious and ambitious young people will come back to haunt South Africa. The world will not endure this Nazi-like punishment meted out to young people of a certain race, simply because they happen to be intellectually and academically gifted.

South Africa and Zimbabwe are the two most racist countries in the world. The current controversy over the pronouncements of the black British politician Diane Abbott on Twitter shows that outside South Africa racism against whites is taken seriously. However, Abbott’s remarks are completely innocuous, compared to the systemic racist injustices perpetrated against young whites by South Africa’s ANC regime.

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