These Stellenbosch students should rather wash my feet

How nauseating, another “uitbraak van voetewassery” (Maties residence offers apology for apartheid wrongs) in Stalinbos. The incident in 1939 took place in response to harassment of white female students.

These contrite students, who are apparently responding to ex-minister Adriaan Vlok’s campaign to wash the feet of radical blacks as a form of “apology for apartheid” should rather apologise for:

  1. Not doing anything about farm murders and Afrikaner genocide today.
  2. Allowing Stellenbosch University to become an anglicised citadel of ANC/British ideology and Boerehaat.
  3. The Xhosa student should apologise for the violence of his forebears during the frontier period when they burned our crops and houses and killed innocent civilians. He should also apologise for studying at Stellenbosch in English, thereby contributing to the eradication of our language and culture. He should further apologise for the propaganda and distorted versions of our history propounded by Bishop Tutu and other Xhosa fanatics.

I will come down to Stellenbosch and you can all wash my feet and promise not to apologise again.

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  1. hey wash our feet we should never have put shoes on the savages feet and then seen where they woiuld have been now screw tyhem and all there libral blixems views

  2. HI Dan,
    Wens hierdie kinders kan so bietjie die regte geskiedenis geleer word.
    Die hele ou lotjie is van die wa af.

  3. Hey Dan, Brits don’t hate Afrikaaners, far from it. An ex Brit with Afrikaans acquaintances and friends! Excellent Woolworth articles btw! Your British Afrikaans blog is as generalised and broad sweeping as the British article you quote however.

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