On The Economist’s ‘Over the rainbow’ article on South Africa

I find this article so amusing, bitterly so. After intervening for decades in our internal affairs and prescribing to us, British journalists such as these from the Economist, are exasperated at the outcome of external intervention in South Africa. Without foreign support for ANC terror, the current calamity would never have come to pass. We would have succesfully reformed into a federal state without the Leninist “democratic centralism” that has made this “de facto one party state” (The Economist) possible. Nowhere does The Economist refer to the disastrous effects of affirmative action either. It has driven about half of our most skilled people out of the country and prevented thousands of others from filling posts on the grounds of being white. White city engineers were fired from town councils and replaced with ANC insiders, known as “cadre deployment”. So sanitation and road infrastructure are collapsing. The ANC was as corrupt under Mandela as under Zuma (viz. the arms scandal). All one can say is: Thank you Britain, Sweden and Norway. You have destroyed our country by appointing your pet terrorists to rule us. But you won’t ever admit the mistake, will you?

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  1. Qui Bono?
    (who benefits?)

    By installing a greedy and easily manipulated government the following was engineered:

    1) A senseless and overpriced Armsdeal that benefitted a British and Swedish consortium.

    2) A senseless and overpriced Tollgate improvement project that will benefit the same Swedish company in the Armsdeal under another name.

    3) A Fracking project, currently being bullied through, that financially benefits mainly Shell, a British company.

    If you want to see the true state of things, merele examine the gears and machinations of the economy.

    Marius Buys

  2. Europa was net goedgesind met sie ANC, want hulle weet dat hulle dom is en dat hulle onderhandeling kan doen met swakelinge wat te stupid is om te weet dat hulle met sake transaksies ingedoen word. Kyk byvoorbeeld na die vegvliegtuie en oorlogsbote wat aan ons veskaf is. Hukke doewn voor dat dit die beste is terwyl dit maar net vir hulle ‘n manier was om van uitgediende tegnologie intslae te raak. Binnekort sal die oorlogskepe en vliegtuie nie meer instand gehou kan word nie, want daar sal nie spaar onderdele beskikbaar wees nie. Die ANC het ook net die transaksies aangegaan om hulle persoonlik te verryk. Die dag wat die ANC besef die wêreld hou hulle vir ‘n gek aan, sal te laat kom om ons volk te red. Die enigste uitweg vir die Afrikaner is om saam te staan, mekaar te ondersteun en so min as moontlik belasting te betaal.

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