We need to reinvent Western identities

These are very interesting comments. I think many societies decline because of a loss of identity. Or they have conflicting identities, which in England may be traced back to the Norman invasion as you suggest.

In South Africa, we have always had a conflict between the indigenous white or Afrikaner identity and the colonial British one. When there was a referendum on becoming a Republic in 1960, the white electorate voted narrowly in favour. Natal province, although politically conservative, voted 76% against the Republic as they wanted to remain under the British queen as titular head of state.

Eventually the vast majority of whites had a strong South African identity. But a small, liberal/leftist minority identified more with Britain and especially the values of the British Labour Party. This was true of the academics and the journalists who were all trained at the universities. Despite being a minority, they had powerful institutions on their side, such as the English-language press and the four very liberal universities: Wits, Cape Town, Rhodes and Natal. The British churches too, were on their side, such as the Anglicans and the Methodists; in South Africa they more or less espoused the Marxist so-called “theology of liberation”.

Finance came from abroad: from Britain, Sweden and Norway. Together with the intense propaganda campaign orchestrated in the world media in the 1980s and betrayed by FW de Klerk who tricked them into thinking he would make only certain concessions but not surrender completely, the SA whites finally capitulated.

What those European patriotic parties have in their favour, is that they are drawing on the strong national identity of some European nations. Those identities have not yet been divided although the multiculturalists are trying their best by referring to Muslims and Africans as “New Swedes”, “New Germans”, etc.

Jared Taylor in his book on “White Identity” also makes the point that whites in the USA will have to adopt a strong identity, just like the other races of blacks, Hispanics and Asians. But together with such a racial identity, I think white Americans must also celebrate their cultural and historical heritage.

One of the lessons of history is that a people without an identity will not resist. That is also why liberals and socialists fear nationalism. The former French Socialist president, François Mitterand, said: “Le nationalisme, c’est la guerre”, or nationalism is war or means war. That is not true, but without some form of patriotic feeling people will not resist oppression, invasion or dispossession by others.

A line must be drawn between Americans and the hyphenated pseudo-Americans. By calling themselves “African Americans”, blacks are actually doing you a favour. They have no idea what “African” actually means but they must be encouraged in pursuing a distinct identity to yours.

A lot of people here refer to the West and Western culture that is decidedly under threat. Pat Buchanan, Samuel Huntington and others have written about that. So have Pim Fortuyn and Martin Bosma of the Dutch Freedom Party and other European authors.

I think we must work on a renewal of our Western/European identity as a kind of “metadiscourse” uniting us all, but then also focus on what makes us local, tribal, members of families and geographical groups. The states in America have wonderful histories that are still recollected, but could be embraced even more, like Europeans also rediscover their ancient roots in the pricipalities, duchies, and so on.

The pressure is on all of us to reinvent ourselves, while reaffirming our roots and ancient heritage.

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  1. Western writes will have to write top selling populist stories like Da Vinci Code – or unlike DVC if one were to take religion and American catholics in consideration, in order to influence mass identity.

    Currently a very hot topic in the economic-oriented USA is the rise of China. The SA – Angola – Cuban war story is relevant, as it determinded who would become the next superpower, either Afrikaner-Southern-Africa, or Communist China.

    Written as such, such a little e-book in English could become popular, as it relates directly to the perceived existing economic threat to the USA from autocratic China, which become a superpower thanks to the SA-Angolan-Cuban war, which outcome simultaneously led to the demise of the nuclear United States of Southern Africa under Afrikaner autocracy.

    Thus pointing to the o so obvious mode of future survival of Westerners in the USA, namely autocracy. Lekker controvercial but obviously true to make it sell.

    Somebody has got to do it, and I will eventually if now one else does.

    The Western USA now needs a type of white Putin, and not a Democrat.

    We Dan, can stir an evolution in the USA – they won’t and can’t do it themselves, because those good people have no deep culture and do not know what an opposing state or culture is.

    I think we can do it without mentioning the name of an American who lost his life in this political game of life and death, which we so enjoy.

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