We may be stronger than we realize

I think, Francis Galton, you are onto something here. Despite the demographic marginalisation of whites world-wide, the main problem is psychological and ideological.

I fear the Cultural Marxists active in America, especially at the universities, have cooked up the perfect storm by making sure that art and culture reflect their values. Maybe I should write a follow-up article about how whites are brainwashed by books and movies to:

  • believe in a an alternate reality where whites are bad, criminal and lying, as opposed to “people of color” who are moral and upright citizens;
  • accept that people in authority will normally be non-white (the police chief, the judge, the president). In fact, long before Obama was elected, several Hollywood movies had already featured a black president;
  • accept that scientists and experts are normally black (although somewhere in the background they have white-looking slaves who actually do some of the “technical” work);
  • right-wing or pro-white politics and criminality go hand in hand.

I have recently read a few American bestsellers by people like John Grisham and Lee Child, and watched some of the blockbuster movies and all of them contain overt and covert propaganda of this nature. Given the sustained Cultural Marxist onslaught on the minds of white Americans, I am actually surprised that so few whites actually vote for Obama!

Some of the theoristis of the Dutch Freedom Party have written extensively about how the American Sixties (civil rights plus the hippie movement) actually poisoned the whole of Western culture. We are currently living with the consequences of the Sixties revolution.

As I suggest in my article, the fate of America is absolutely crucial for Western survival. The only reason why South African blacks are not going for outright genocide against us, is because they fear some sort of international (read: American) reprisal, Nuremberg trial, etc. Once the USA is firmly in Third World hands, it will be open season on the white communities elsewhere that have already been disarmed (such as SA whites).

Europe too, will not stand against the Muslim world without the support of American whites. They are generally pacifists, live in overcrowded cities with little physical activity and can hardly cook their own food, let alone fight or shoot.

However, I would say about 20% of the Western/European population has already woken up to the problem, but they are marginalised, being treated like heretics by the multicultural media, the universities and even the churches. Together that 20% already constitutes a global force. After all, the Marxists never got 20% support among white people and look at their huge successes!

The internet has brought us all together, regardless of geography or even language. You can even read Russian now by using Google Translate. Like the small Greek city states stood together to stop the vastly more powerful Persian Empire more than two millennia ago, we need to work together as “islands”.

Like the Cultural Marxists, we need to see culture and ideology as a “terrain of struggle”. Also, we could start global campaigns and boycotts against anti-white corporations, not invest in their shares, not buy their products and generally trash their brands.

Always remember: one man, or a small group of dedicated people, can change the world. Just read the history of the Russian revolution. There were six people on the Politburo, and four of them were against the revolution! Lenin was in exile and only Stalin and Trotsky were in favour of overthrowing the Czar. Yet they made it happen because they wanted to.

Given the odds against us, we are perhaps already stronger than we realize…

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  1. What boggels my mind is the fact that europeans are ashamed of their intelectual capability and even though science proved the contrary, consider themselves equal and even below the intellectual capabilities of the Blackman of Africa. The countries of the world instilled this misconseption by conditioning europeans with the word rassism. Why need their be this horrific connotation to this word as in actual fact it only means eurepeans and black are people but different in intellect and civiliation standard.
    Is there nowhere in the world one person who realize what the consequences are to civilisation by mixing these two genes and that the european genes are changes forever and eventualy what cost will be to future generations who will live on this earth we left them?

  2. Western writers will have to write top selling populist stories like Da Vinci Code – or unlike DVC if one were to take religion and American catholics in consideration, in order to influence mass identity.

    Currently a very hot topic in the economic-oriented USA is the rise of China. The SA – Angola – Cuban war story is relevant, as it determinded who would become the next superpower, either Afrikaner-Southern-Africa, or Communist China.

    Written as such, such a little e-book in English could become popular, as it relates directly to the perceived existing economic threat to the USA from autocratic China, which become a superpower thanks to the SA-Angolan-Cuban war, which outcome simultaneously led to the demise of the nuclear United States of Southern Africa under Afrikaner autocracy.

    Thus pointing to the o so obvious mode of future survival of Westerners in the USA, namely autocracy. Lekker controvercial but obviously true.

    Somebody has got to do it, and I will eventually if now one else does.

    The Western USA now needs a type of white Putin, and not another Democrat or democratic Republican.

    We Dan, can stir an evolution in the USA – they won’t and can’t do it themselves, because those good people have no deep culture and do not know what an opposing state or culture is.

    I think we can do it without mentioning the name of an American who lost his life in this political game of life and death, which we so enjoy.

    I agree, a good idea must not be published, but be done.

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