Was PW Botha poisoned?

While he was still alive, I was invited to PW Botha’s home in the Wilderness on two occasions and had very interesting discussions with him.

He was adamant that his so-called “stroke” was not natural, but that he was poisoned. Apparently the dosage was not high enough to kill him, but caused symptoms not far removed from those of a stroke. However, he was examined by all the specialists at 1 Military Hospital in Pretoria, none of whom found evidence of a stroke.

As you say, the “stroke” incident was then used by FW de Klerk to depose PW Botha and embark on what finally turned out to be military surrender to a third-rate terrorist group, the ANC, which could never have taken South Africa by any other means as our army was about number 4 or 5 in the world.

I further suspect that De Klerk’s brother, Willem, had been recruited by British Intelligence even while he was still editor of the Transvaler newspaper. Shortly before De Klerk took the decision to unban the ANC and release Mandela, Willem de Klerk was called to London by British Intelligence for a stay in a hotel, after which he went back to brief FW on what the Britons thought should be done.

Robin Renwick, the British ambassador at the time in South Africa, had also engineered the demise of Rhodesia at Lancaster House in 1979, so he knew how to play the various white factions off against another to get radical blacks into power.

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  1. The strokes had to be engineerd to get rid of President Botha.

    Willem de Klerk did brief FW. Robin Renwick knew what to do.

    Put these facts in your book on the clever British political engineering in South-Africa, from Natal and the division of the Zulu kingdom then, to the division of the modern Zulus up to Zuma.

  2. Die BOERVOLK dring aan dat daar n dringende ondersoek gedoen moet word na die dinge. Ek wonder net of de klerk dan nie ook by sy vrou se moord betrokke was nie ASOOK BY DIE WAPENSKANDAAL.

  3. Hoekom het sy nie sekeriteit wagte gehad soos verwag sou gewees het sy was die voormalige presedents vrou ,en hoekom het F W n drygement openlik in die openbaar gemaak ,hy sal die hof toe vat wat bewering oor sy vrou sou maak .Waar is die sekereteits wag wat haar vermoor het?

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