I tend to blame Westerners for our predicament

After a very cursory reading of this article, I have a few comments to make. An obvious issue that Arthur Kemp does not address is the linguistic divide among whites in SA, with English whites historically being loyal to Britain and Afrikaners being more like Americans, having cut all the ties with Holland, including Standard Dutch and spelling.

During the 1960 referendum, whites barely voted in favour of leaving the British monarchy and a republic. The vast majority of English-speakers voted “no” while Afrikaners were mostly in favour of a republic.

As far as I understand the fatal 1992 referendum outcome, the Afrikaner vote was more or less split down the middle, with half wanting further “negotiations” with the ANC, while the other half refused any compromise. A colossal 85% of English-speakers, however, voted in favour of De Klerk’s policy of appeasement toward the ANC, which turned out to be unmitigated surrender.

As I have written elsewhere, the paradox of apartheid was that it protected whites so efficiently from the nastier side of intercourse (no pun intended) with blacks, such as crime, that it facilitated the rise of liberal ideas of integration. After all, argued most whites, we have always been safe surrounded by millions of blacks, what could happen to us, even under black majority rule? They forgot that they had a system of territorial segregation and the white-run police force to protect them. Only now are whites getting a real taste of what black rule means in terms of violence, corruption, crime, lawlessness, anti-white legislation and so on.

I am quite sure that if we could turn the clock back to vote again on the 1992 referendum question, 90% of whites would vote against simple black majority rule.

Whereas Arthur Kemp seems to blame the CP and AWB leadership – I never quite liked Terre’Blanche either – I tend to blame the rest of the Western world. Without British organisation and Swedish money, the ANC would never have been able to get any black support inside the country and whites could have settled with moderate blacks on some workable solution, such as a confederation or partition of the country.

Western liberals and leftists were, however, adamant that the “humiliation” of blacks ruled by whites should be stopped and were pouring huge resources into achieving the overthrow of a sovereign government in South Africa. They do not feel the same compunction about seeing whites downtrodden, killed and raped by blacks.

The tragedy of South Africa is not over yet. Most whites are trapped here and sooner or later they will have to choose between resistance or domination to the point of annihilation. Mental and cultural resistance is so much harder than actual military defense.

Paradoxically, the decline of Western power elsewhere in the world increases our chances of survival and a rebirth here. We would simply have to deal with our blacks as a white minority like we have successfully done for centuries and not have to worry about powerful Western governments and liberal NGOs, as well as churches, plotting our downfall.

If only Western whites could give us 10% of the support they gave the radical, communist ANC in the 1980s, we would have a Volkstaat in no time!

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