Remarks about the South African Communist Party protest against Volkskool Heidelberg

History repeats itself. Heidelberg Volkskool was one of the first schools started after the Anglo-Boer war when Afrikaners were humiliated by the British occupier into accepting English as the only medium of instruction in schools. That was after 30 000 women and children had perished in the British concentration camps, with support from the “armed blacks” who were assisting them in committing their atrocities on the Boer civilian population, in flagrant contravention of the Hague Convention of the time.

 Heidelberg was started as a private school, by a nation on its knees after the scorched earth policy and the abominable camps.
Now that same school belonging to the Afrikaner nation is being claimed by others, indoctrinated by a new generation of Afrikaner-hating English colonialists, spewing their usual slogan “racism” in bad faith.
Barbara Creecy, Section 27 and all the others who are using schools for their odious colonial politics of domination and chauvinism stand accused of another crime against humanity: that of taking away the last remaining element of the Afrikaner heritage, our schools.
If the so-called “English” with their stupid sense of superiority had been able to build and organise schools like Afrikaners, there would have been no educational crisis in this country.
But destruction is all you know. A century ago, this land was in flames and it will be in flames again. No wonder you consider the burning of a school a “legitimate form of protest”!

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