Will Conrad Koch and his zealots lynch Professor Giliomee too?

This Conrad Koch is just a parasite trying to generate attention for himself on Steve’s back. Would thousands of people come to concerts where he and his puppet enjoy each other’s caricatures? Obviously not.

The metaphor of the puppet is of course an apt one for what is going on in South Africa. So many puppets being waved in front of us on TV, but who are the real puppet masters?

Otherwise we are just seeing a repeat of colonial British history where the Brits and their local representatives try to incite blacks against Afrikaners and indigenous whites, while they refuse to sell them powder (or introduce a Firearms Control Act).

I am just amazed at the enduring strength of Boerehaat in South Africa, now focussed on Steve for very innocuous comments that wouldn’t even elicit a raised eyebrow if some English genius (or puppet) had uttered it.

How singing Die Stem can be “racist” is of course a mystery, unless you have a made-in-China plastic brain that you share with your Siamese twin like Conrad Koch.

For God’s sake, Hermann Giliomee has even stoutly defended Verwoerd! Are you rooinek zealots who have been re-educated in your dismal schools and universities to kowtow to Joseph Stalin’s shadow going to burn down Giliomee’s professorial library or maybe even torture him to death like the farm murderers are doing?

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