The madness of ‘land reform’ in South Africa

I have just read another of those propaganda articles glorifying so-called “land reform” in South Africa, which means taking away the property of middle-class farmers and committing it to grandiose agricultural schemes that all seem to fail. This is just communism under another name, repeating the catastrophes of Lenin and Stalin during the 1920s and 1930s, the millions who died of famine now forgotten.

Ruth Hall, quoted above, is literally a Marxist, a British citizen who came here to foment hatred against Afrikaner farmers and propagate racial social engineering and collectivization.

When will these raving liberal, anti-white journalists write about the problems faced by the ordinary farmer trying to make a living on his land and provide food for us, while government takes away the title deeds to the land that he legitimately bought from another owner?

The end result in South Africa is going to be worse than in Zimbabwe, because during that country’s food crisis it could import grain from South Africa and even get it for free as the ANC regime was supporting Mugabe in his folly. Who will provide food for us once this whole grandiose communist scheme fails, as inevitably it must, and we are left with hyperinflation, food shortages and even famine?

The crazy gangsters and terrorists who have taken over South Africa will not stop until they have finally ruined our country, after which we will inevitably have to start from scratch again like after the Anglo-Boer war.

Regarding the so-called grants, I say give them to everybody, even the illegal foreigners streaming across our borders. The sooner the state’s coffers are depleted, the sooner this madness will end. The revolution has already bankrupted Eskom and the municipalities; central government will be next.

We will go back to 1652, which I suppose is what most people want. The return to the origin and to subsistence.

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