Orbán: Europe Is at Stake

Hungarians don’t want illegal migrants, and they do not share the intellectual frenzy of the European left, the Prime Minister said on the closing day of the 26th Bálványos Summer Open University and Student Camp.

”In the great competition of understanding the past, those will win who arrive at the right conclusions more swiftly and more courageously”, Viktor Orbán noted in his speech on the last day of the Bálványos Summer Open University and Student Camp in Tusnádfürdő.

Mass migration

“The real threat is not coming from the war zones but from the depths of Africa”, the Prime Minister highlighted. ”With the disintegration of the countries of North-Africa, the defence line which once protected Europe, and which absorbed the masses of people coming from the interior of Africa, has evaporated”, he explained.

Over the Net: What Everymen Think about Orban’s Speech
According to reactions spreading all around the internet, the Hungarian Prime Minister chose his words wisely. Almost all comments from the English-speaking world say he was more than correct to criticize EU forceless actions regarding illegal immigration. And Hungary has the right to move forward with its security border control fence or whatever laws it needs to remain a safe European country.
Let’s see some of the most interesting comments:
Lib HUNTER: “Having the exact same problems heading to the identical catastrophic conclusion, there is a remarkable difference between America and Hungary. Hungary has a leader who knows these facts, has what it takes to call it what it is, and take immediate action to put an end to it before it destroys them.”
DW: “It is unfortunate that Orban is correct. Europe is in danger of losing its cultural identities with this migration from Asia and Africa.”
ihor: “The EU in a conscious effort to distance itself from the dark past of fascism and intolerance has in a naïve and romanticized concept of socialism moved to the extreme end of liberalism where public policy has ceased to have any resemblance to facts.”
Leo: “Viktor Orban could not be more correct. Literally millions of destitute people from African hell holes are chomping at the bit to immigrate to Europe, ostensibly to work, but if not, to take advantage of generous social welfare benefits that are hardly available in their own countries.”
THE PROFESSOR: “Orban is correct. There are literally HUNDREDS of millions who would come to Europe, as the USA has seen already from Mexico, Central and South America. We have more than 22 MILLION, and that is just a fraction who will come to destroy the American way of life, culture, Constitution and all else we hold dear. We have NO fence. We also need a moat, armed drones, and more.”
Commenter: “Orban should be made the EU President. If I go to Europe again it will be to visit Hungary.”
Truzak: “PM Orban has summed up the threat facing the US, albeit for Europe, more succinctly than any US politician. He has more in common with America as a European, than Obama has as an African.”
Spin_Mike_Spin: “Orban is 100% correct. Anyone who wants endless amounts of illegals in their country, should first be required to spend their life’s savings on at least 10 of them, have them live in their house, feed them, educate them.”
B.A. Smith: “America has the same problem with illegals, but our bigger problem is that we have some in Congress and civil right groups that protect them and not the citizens.”
proud_sentry: “Love it! Finally an European leader has the forthwith all to understand that a country without borders has no country or identity.”
Micheal: “It is sad that the President of a minor European country is smarter than the President of the United States.”
BILLS: “He is speaking the obvious. But no one dare to support him. In US Obama wants to legalize illegal immigrants. This is obviously against the wishes of Americans, but no one dares to challenge him.”
Dik Durka: “He is correct. Nations need to defend their language, borders and culture. Unrestricted immigration is destroying the United States as well.”
SANTANA: “Hungarians have clearly shown once again that they have common sense, true leadership qualities, and the “balls” unlike those in Western Europe. They are very practical and have learned quickly from the blunders of the West, and they are NOT about to make those same disasters in their own country.”

”What we have at stake today is Europe, the European way of life, the survival or disappearance of European values and nations, or their transformation beyond recognition”, the Prime Minister pointed out. ”We would like Europe to be preserved for the Europeans”, he stated. “But there is something we would not just like but we want because it only depends on us: we want to preserve a Hungarian Hungary”, he stressed.

In the Prime Minister’s opinion, the Hungarian people cannot allow a repeated attempt at the multicultural model at their expense. At the same time, they must see the correlation between the masses of migrants coming to Europe and the spread of terrorism, as well as the fact that illegal migrants contribute to a rise in unemployment, and police statistics also confirm that wherever there are migrants in large numbers, security is compromised, and there is an increase in crime.

”There are people who think otherwise”

The European left does not perceive immigration as a source of danger but as an opportunity, he said. The left believes that the escalation of migration may definitively debilitate, or even eliminate, national boundaries, and this would constitute the attainment of the long-term objective of the left in an historical perspective. If the left could have had form a government in 2014 then in a few years Hungary would turn to a big refugee camp or the Marseille of Central Europe. “While the Hungarian left incited against Hungarians beyond the borders in 2004, they would today readily embrace illegal migrants, and would await them with open arms. These people, these politicians quite simply do not like the Hungarian people”, Mr Orbán concluded. In his view, a fair number of financial and political power centres in Brussels, too, have a vested interest in wiping away national aspects, and eliminating national identities.

Union of Ideology

There was a time when the EU offered genuine solutions to genuine problems, but something “has gone wrong”, and the once pragmatic Europe has become an ideological fixation, the Prime Minister remarked. “What we, Hungarians do is successful, beyond doubt, but does not fit into Brussels’ ideological concepts; in other words, it does not weaken but reinforces Hungarian national and state sovereignty, and is to be condemned from that point of view”, Mr Orbán said.

Support to Hungarian families, rather than migration

Viktor Orbán established: illegal migration is equally a threat to Hungary and Europe, a threat to our common values, our culture and diversity. The country has found itself in a trap: ever newer waves of migrants are coming from the south, and there is a risk that migrants who left Hungary will be turned back to Hungary from Western-Europe. The country will not be able to endure this double pressure, Mr Orbán pointed out, who takes the view that this is the reason why it was necessary to find the points on which we can agree as a community within the framework of the national consultation.

The Prime Minister said: more than one million of the eight million questionnaires were completed and sent back, and according to the results, 95 per cent shared the view that we must support Hungarian families and children, rather than migration. More than two thirds of Hungarian people find the issue of the spread of terrorism relevant to their own lives. Three quarters of them believe that illegal migrants are a threat to the jobs and livelihood of the Hungarian people. Four fifths take the view that the policy of Brussels regarding immigration and terrorism has failed, and we therefore need a new approach and more stringent regulations. The same percentage of people encourage the Government to adopt more stringent regulations in contrast to Brussels’ more lenient policy, it transpired from the answers given to the questions.

Source: Magyar Hírlap • Orbán: Europe Is at Stake

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