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Dan Roodt se persoonlike woernaal (blog).  Hier vind u korter en eklektiese kommentaar oor ‘n verskeidenheid kwessies. My meer formele rubrieke kan op en gelees word.

Dan Roodt’s personal blog. Here you will find shorter, eclectic comments on a variety of issues. My more formal columns may be read on (English) and (Afrikaans).

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    Never again vote for a 5 year dictator

    Our current political system in South Africa is better than pre 1994 but worse than others in its content and application. We now have a constitution.

    The biggest failing in the system is a lack of accountability. The primary allegiance the proportional representatives have is to their own political party. The 50% of the local government councillors that have a constituency can at least be identified by the electorate but still are not accountable. Our system is effectively a 5 year dictatorship

    We, the voters, are the shareholders of the South African government and employers of our politicians. We choose the politicians who are employed and pay their salaries. We must be able to directly control the politicians.

    An interesting statistic is that 97% the laws of the world’s best-known form of direct democracy, Switzerland, are passed without voter intervention. The threat of voter intervention means the laws are passed with the electorate in mind.

    South African elections are coming in 2014 and you can start making a difference starting now by:

    1. Adopting a politician, preferably one at each level of government and they do not have to be in the same party
    2. Mentor them on direct democracy
    3. Let them know that you will not vote for them or their party if they do not commit for changes to bring about Direct Democracy
    4. Present the document below for each politician and political party to sign

    I, (name of politician or political party), acknowledge that I am effectively an employee of the voters because the voters decided who would be employed by voting and the voters who, through payment of their taxes and rates, pay my salary and I recognise that the current system does not put the voters in control.
    – I commit to regular and effective consultation with the voting public through public meetings and continuous communication via the press, radio stations or in person.
    – I agree to vote in accordance to the best interest of the voters who elected me, who may be polled by means of a referendum similar in format to that used for petitions.
    – I am committed to ensure that the wishes of my constituency are effectively communicated and advocated for in at all levels of government.
    – I am also committed in doing everything within my power to ensuring that the laws are upheld and that service delivery is efficient and effective.
    – I commit to being held accountable for my performance by the voters
    – I further agree that the registered voters will be able to remove me from office when 25% of the number of registered voters who voted in the last election within my ward or designated constituency sign a petition for my removal. This will mean that 2,500 signatures will be required if 10,000 voted in the last election. All registered voters will be able to sign, including those who did not vote in the last election. The recall petition may not be initiated until 6 months has elapsed since the last election and when an election has been called. Should an election be called, the recall process will be cancelled.
    – I will promote legislation at all levels of government and changes in the South African Constitution to bring about a system of constituency with top up proportional representation, recall, referendum and Direct Democracy.


    Please consider the following:

    On reading and accepting the above:
    1. You become an egg
    2. As you decide to spread the message you become a bird
    3. As you spread the word you create eggs
    4. Those eggs will become birds and fly into the distance never to be seen again to create more eggs
    5. Spread the word and help us all to walk to freedom

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