Obama in Kenya: Gay rights in Africa are ‘like rights for African Americans’

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The latest on President Barack Obama’s visit to Kenya (all times local):

5:35 p.m.

President Barack Obama is warning that corruption may be the biggest impediment to Kenya’s growth and opportunities in the future.

Obama is …

Affirmative Action Award Shows: Taylor Swift’s “White Privilege” Vs. Nicki Minaj’s Oppressed Status

In the biggest pop culture development since Ariana Grande’s Donutgate, Taylor Swift is fighting with Nicki Minaj.

Swift  (the white girl above right) is the reigning queen of American pop culture, who began her career as a wholesome country …

Fukushima nuclear disaster: ‘Radiation will wash down from mountains, forests into other lands’ — RT Op-Edge

It’s impossible to even slightly decontaminate the area damaged by the Fukushima nuclear disaster because of the mountains and dense forests in that region, says Mycle Schneider, independent analyst on energy and nuclear policy.

It’s impossible to even slightly decontaminate …