Bizarre twist to SAA crisis as Hawks investigate plot to down black pilot

THE Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation — the Hawks — says it is investigating several conspiracies to sabotage South African Airways (SAA) including a bizarre plot based on “intelligence reports” that white pilots planned to bring down an aircraft while …

Grap van die dag: ‘Die Lem’ Nzimande is nie teen Afr op universiteit

Dis ‘n goeie grap! Vandat hierdie Zoeloe-kommunis aangestel is, doen hy niks anders as om Afrikaans op universiteit te probeer vernietig nie.

Maar lees hierdie onlangse berig:

Hy glo juis dat Afrikaans as ’n onderrigtaal gered moet word,” het Khaye

Non-payment of rent causes Bryanston Post Office closure

BRYANSTON – Following confusion around the sudden closure of the Bryanston Post Office, it has been confirmed that the shutdown was due to non-payment of rent by the South African Post Office (Sapo).

The post office, which has allegedly been …

Madness In Missouri: Football Is Not Worth America’s Future | VDARE

Increasingly, there is no difference between American and South African campuses. Which makes sense, given that we imported political correctness from the USA. – DR

Author Paul Kersey writes:

Capitulation, self-abasement, groveling—are the words even strong enough to describe …