Race-based admissions to South African universities

Currently the newspapers in South Africa are publishing stories about the miraculous achievements of last year’s matriculants who completed their school careers with six, seven, eight, nine and even ten distinctions. In American terms, these would be the proverbial “straight-A …

Sandile Memela on black matric failure

Everyone has been commenting the South African matric results lately, including the fact that whites outscore blacks in marks and distinctions.

One black columnist doing some soul-searching is The Sowetan’s Sandile Memela. He writes:

A FEW days ago I had

Harald Pakendorf ontken die werklikheid

In vandag se Rapport meen Harald Pakendorf dat die land ‘n “gesprek oor ras” nodig het, want sien, blankes en Afrikaners word mos toenemend soos vreemdelinge in die land behandel. Soos Pakendorf dit stel, Hlope, Malema en ander wil hê …

Adapt and die – South Africa’s new motto

Have another look at this, my classic article from late 2004; it is still as valid as ever.

During the time of National Party reforms in the seventies and eighties, the cliché “adapt or die” used to do the rounds. …